Guillaume Allemand

Guillaume Allemand comes from a family of artists; he initially spent eight years at a conservatory of music, receiving training in Modern Jazz. Later, he pursued his passion for nature by becoming an ornithologist before transitioning to a professional career in photography and eventually embracing his calling as a visual artist. All of these experiences continue to inform and shape the fabric and evolution of his work.

Guillaume creates abstract monochrome artworks that exhibit notable resemblances to the constructivist movement. Emphasizing the naturalness and primacy of materials, he often employs bone and paper as mediums. His artistic method involves a thorough exploration of composition through the construction of sequences and structures, facilitating experimentation with spatial arrangements and the illuminative effects of light. This meticulous approach animates his creations, imbuing them with compelling dynamism and aesthetic resonance.


Guillaume Allemand produces geometric and rhythmic works of great aesthetic purity, where the interaction of forms generates tension within the artwork. Even in his works with paper, bone is not absent; although not readily recognizable, he creates small numbered series of imprints in paper pulp from a bone matrix. The paper originates from the Richard de Bas Mill in Ambert, Puy-De-Dôme, a region which was one of the very first to produce paper in France from the beginning of the 14th century.

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Guillaume Allemand

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Guillaume Allemand

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