In the Spotlight

Objects, Objects, Objects

Although we have an amazing collection of paintings, you could also go for something less traditional. We also have an interesting number of objects for on the ground, table, or even on the wall. Artists such as Janice Jill, Peter Bastiaanssen and We Are Out Of Office make fantastic objects …

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In the spotlight: New Talent

Let me introduce you to some of our new artists. We have been lucky to be able to add these amazing new artists to our collection. So without further ado, let me introduce you to FEMM, Janice Jill, Merette Uiterwaal and Babet Olde Weghuis.

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Magnum Photography Series

START YOUR COLLECTION - Magnum Photography Square Print Series.
Why do people buy art? Perhaps as an investment, or based on a personal connection – perhaps the subject matter has a particular resonance. Irrespective of motive, for many, buying into the art market remains an aspiration. Magnum Editions is a range produced with the utmost care and excellence, offering the same quality that you would expect in a fine print, at a more affordable price.

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