Aron Kroes

Aron Kroes (1987) mainly focuses on painting in which the frameworks of the figurative are sought.

The application of abstraction comes from an intuitive approach. It is a representation of feeling, experiences and technique in which no concessions are made. The interpretation is free, so that the portrait functions as a mirror for the beholder.

The paintings usually have a chaotic character in which unexpected beauty sometimes emerges. Although the works can always be reduced to the basic forms of a portrait, the application of abstraction takes the viewer into a world of constant balance between expressive forms and a rich color palette.


Within the artist landscape, Aron finds himself on the cutting edge of the figurative and abstract. His research therefore focuses on the boundaries of the figurative. With the main question: How far can the artist go without the human brain/psyche losing its association with human forms?

In addition, light, mainly its reflection, is central to the work. With the use of metallic and chromed colors the confrontation with light and reflection is sought. These characteristic colours, often synthetic spray paint, have a clear influence from the graffiti and aspiring art scene. This legacy from the past is embraced by Aron with love/enthusiasm/pride and applied within his current work.

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Works by Aron Kroes

new Beautiful mind

Beautiful mind
Aron Kroes

€ 3.450,00
From € 103,50 p/m
120 x 150 x 5 cm

new Untitled ( quadriptych)

Untitled ( quadriptych)
Aron Kroes

€ 9.000,00
From € 270,00 p/m
480 x 120 cm

rented out Milano

Aron Kroes

Artwork has been rented
100 x 120 x 5 cm

rented out Orange (L)

Orange (L)
Aron Kroes

Artwork has been rented
100 x 120 x 5 cm

sold Human

Aron Kroes

Artwork has been sold
160 x 200 x 5 cm