Juliette Polak - U R B A N E BOX

From April 23 2023 till May 14 2023

Serve Wait Ready Expectations Restatement Reconsider Immobilized Promise Reflection

Juliette Polak this spring is presenting a limited photography series in a special box. The title 'Urbane' refers to the overarching theme in this serie of images that belong to a city or to the actions of city dwellers. Each photo represents its own sub-theme, ranging from the promise of change, lockdown effects to symbols of thoughts and motives. Polak has put together the series especially for this exhibition.

Street photography is the perfect method for Polak to give expression and meaning to what surrounds us at different levels of abstraction. Crucial elements of her work are emotion, aesthetics and the appearance of timelessness. In her photos she tries to catch that edge of light or a glimpse of someone's life. Polak does not want to steer the viewer too much because she strives for the most unlimited possible experience of her images. Sometimes she combines several photos to create extra impact.